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Summer Vacation and Child Custody

Summer vacation is right around the corner and parents need to be alert to changes in child custody

It’s during the summer that one parent takes changing the custodial schedule or visitation schedule into his or her own hands.

Summer and Child Custody

Summer vacation is right around the corner and parents need to be alert to changes in child custody

Often, this change is prompted by a child who either doesn’t want to spend the summer visiting the other parent, or it is not safe for the child to spend the summer with the other parent.  Sometimes, these changes occur at the beginning of summer.  Other times, these changes occur at the end of summer vacation when the child does not want to return to the custodial parent, or it is not safe for them to return.

In both cases, one parent makes a decision to keep the child from the other parent.  While these decisions are made by parents who believe they are acting in the best interest of the child, without proper legal guidance, not following court ordered visitation or custodial orders can start a traumatic chain of events.  This can have negative effects on the child and extended family, as well as penalties and sanctions by the Idaho Court.

To avoid the pitfalls and potential damage to your child and family, and costly court intervention, you need to consult with an experienced family law attorney before these ideas become a reality.

Experienced family law and child custody attorney Merrilee A. Parr has been helping North Idaho parents with child custody modifications for over 18 years.  She advises parents who want or need an immediate change in their visitation schedule or custodial schedule.  If you want to make a change because your child is older and says that do not want to live with the other parent, or you need to make a change because the child is in danger, won’t be properly supervised, or may be exposed to questionable or illegal acts by a person in the other household, call Merrilee to schedule an appointment at (208) 667-1227.



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