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High Asset Divorce Attorney Merrilee A. Parr


Family Law Practice Areas



High Asset Divorce Attorney

While divorce is often emotionally and financially draining on individuals, those cases involving high asset marital property division usually make the process even more complicated. Family law attorney Merrilee A. Parr is determined to help you achieve the most fair and equitable outcome possible in your high asset Idaho divorce.


Protect Your High Value Assets in A Divorce

The number one objective in a high net worth divorce is asset protection. Before proposing or agreeing to a property division plan, high asset divorce attorney Merrilee A. Parr thoroughly evaluates all of the marital property, including

  • Real Estate, including primary residences, vacation homes and other properties located in other states or in foreign countries,
  • Personal Property
  • Business, including small businesses, large business, family-run businesses, and cash businesses
  • Retirement Accounts
  • Investment Portfolios, including stock options and unrestricted stock units
  • Deferred Benefits and Compensation
  • Annuities
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Pensions
  • Employee Benefits
  • Profit-Sharing Plans
  • Offshore Accounts


Preserving Your High Value Assets

Merrilee A. Parr works with a team of financial experts, including real estate appraisers, personal property appraisers, forensic accountants, financial planners, and pension evaluators, to accurately value the current and future value of each asset. Once she has a full and accurate understanding of the value of the marital estate, Merrilee will develop a comprehensive property division plan that preserves your property interests and protects your assets. Whether she is able to come to an agreement outside of court or she skillfully litigates your case, Merrilee will fight to help you keep what you have built.


Business Valuation Attorney

When spouses get divorced, one of the most sought-after and disputed assets is often the business or professional practice of either or both spouses. When a family business or professional practice is part of the property at stake, it is necessary to have a skilled attorney with business valuation experience.


Whether you have an interest in a family business or you are the primary owner and operator, Merrilee will help you to determine if the business is subject to just division and determine the value of the at business.


Contact a Coeur d’Alene High Net Worth Divorce Attorney

Family law attorney Merrilee A. Parr cares about your long-term financial health. She will help you keep the property and financial assets you’ve worked so hard for so you can move forward with your life. With the stakes so high, it pays to work with an experienced high asset divorce attorney. Contact Merrilee today at (208) 667-1227 to schedule an appointment and take the first step in protecting your life’s assets.