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idaho family law attorney

Family Law Practice Areas

Idaho Family Law Attorney

Family law disputes are not just legal matters – they are emotional matters. And when a family relationship involves an issue that can only be resolved with legal assistance, you need a family law attorney who can balance the emotional, financial, and legal issues with understanding and compassion.

When It’s Time To See A Family Law Attorney

When family issues cannot be resolved at home, it is time to meet with a family law attorney. The court process for any family law matter can be confusing. Family law, which deals with family matters and domestic relationships like marriage and children, can be complicated and confusing. Consulting with an experienced family law attorney will help you understand your rights and the options available to you. Remember, the decisions you make now will affect you and your children for the rest of your lives. Protect yourself by choosing experienced family law attorney Merrilee A. Parr, who will be by your side throughout the complicated and emotional family issue.

Merrilee A. Parr Has One Goal – Resolving Your Family Law Needs

A compassionate and knowledgeable family law attorney, attorney, Merrilee will discuss the different legal options available to your unique situation, and help you understand the legal ramifications of the decisions you need to make. Specializing in all aspects of family law, Merrilee combines 18 years legal experience with her counseling background to help you solve the problem, not escalate the issue. When the only option is litigation, Merrilee and her team will prepare you to present your case in Idaho family law courts.

Providing Full Service Family Law Representation in Coeur d’Alene

Understanding the emotional strain, Merrilee A. Parr has been helping clients resolve family law issues for individuals and families throughout Northern Idaho. Her services include child custody, child support, custodial interference, protection orders, emergency proceedings, modifications, paternity, relocation, adoption, guardianship, grandparent’s rights, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, legal separation, property division, divorce, and alimony.