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idaho divorce attorney Merrilee A. Parr


From uncontested divorce to high asset divorce, Merrilee A. Parr provides expertise, compassion and a relentless focus on getting you the best possible outcome

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Idaho Family Law Attorney

Family Law

Advocating passionately, Merrilee A. Parr quickly analyzes her client’s family law disputes, keeping an eye on protecting children’s rights and preserving assets
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Idaho Business Attorney

Business Law

From helping startups lay the groundwork for a solid foundation for future success to business dissolutions, Merrilee A. Parr represents businesses at all stages of phases of operations
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Business and Family Law Attorney, Merrilee A. Parr

 Why Choose Merrilee

For over 18 years, Merrilee A. Parr has provided hundreds of clients with unwavering representation in family law and business law matters. A skilled negotiator and relentless litigator, her unique counseling background combined with her law expertise has earned Merrilee a reputation for excellence in the Coeur d’Alene community, often remaining her client’s attorney for other legal matters spanning generations.

Amazing!  Merrilee is extremely knowledgeable about law and court procedures.  She took the time to thoroughly explain things in a way that was easy to understand.


— Client Review

There is no question that Merrilee has great communication.  I was always kept updated on my case and what was going on.


— Client Review

Merrilee has the utmost integrity and is always very professional.


— Client Review

Not only does she have incredible knowledge, it is obvious she really cares about the people she works with.  Hands down the best!!!


— Client Review

Very knowledgeable.  Was easily able to give me all information so I could make an informed decision.


— Client Review

Communication in office was fantastic! Makes life easier and my time just as valuable.


— Client Review

Dear Merrilee,
Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover what you have done for me as an attorney. I appreciate you so much!!! I prayed earnestly for help going through this divorce and I truly believe you were the gift God answered my prayer with. Thank you!


— Client Review

Go girl – You Rock!  Thank you for not taking the ‘easy road’ and sticking this out with us.  Be assured you helped make life a whole lot better for our grandson.


— Client Review

Thank you for everything you have helped me with.  It has been a foreign and scary time in my life.  Because of you, now I have a roof and my son is taken care of.  I will never forget that you stood beside me during these times.


— Client Review

Coeur d’Alene Business and Family Law Attorney

As a business and family law attorney, Merrilee A. Parr has the results to prove that the work she does has a profound impact on the lives of her clients and their families. When she chooses to take a case, she does so with the understanding of what is at stake and with a deep sense of commitment to the clients she serves. Fighting for clients who are facing some of the most difficult times of their lives, Merrilee combines her expertise, compassion and a relentless focus to get them the best possible outcome.

A Compassionate and Relentless Litigator

Personally representing each case, Merrilee has advocated passionately on behalf of hundreds of clients in divorce, family law, and business law cases in Coeur d’Alene. Bringing her strong counseling background to each case, Merrilee is able to add a compassionate perspective to her extensive legal experience. Working with her clients through the trauma of divorce and child custody cases, Merilee has helped her clients realize that they will survive and emerge stronger. This has allowed Merrilee to develop lasting relationships with her clients, who continue to rely on her for other family and business law matters, including those of the next generation.

Contact Merrilee A. Parr

Contact Merrilee A. Parr today by completing the Contact Form which can be found on the Contact Us page. You will then be contacted to schedule an initial consultation with family law and business lawyer Merrilee A. Parr. She will handle your unique family law or business law situation with compassion, understanding and confidentiality.