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Merilee A. Parr


About Merrilee A. Parr

  • Divorce, Family Law, and Business Law Attorney
  • Degree in Rehabilitative Counseling from Florida State University, and a law degree from Gonzaga University
  • Former Case Manager for Child Protective Services
  • Member of the American Bar Association and Idaho State Bar
  • Former Professor at North Idaho College

About Merrilee A. Parr

Since 1997, Merrilee A. Parr has provided hundreds of clients with unwavering representation in family law and business law matters in Kootenai County. A skilled negotiator and relentless litigator, Merrilee’s unique experience and personal attention to each client has earned her repeat business and referrals to other family members and friends.


An Inside Perspective into Family Law

After graduating with a degree in Rehabilitative Counseling from Florida State University, Merrilee began working as a social worker for various social service agencies in Phoenix, Arizona including the Maricopa County Juvenile Court. In 1986 she joined Child Protective Services as a Case Manager and testified as an expert witness. Her reputation as a reputable children’s advocate, vigorously fighting to protect the rights of children, caught the attention of the Arizona Supreme Court.  In 1988, she began working with the Arizona Supreme Court as a Program Manager, making recommendations to judges and Child Protective Services in the best interest of neglected, abused and dependent children.


Inspired To Do More for Families

Working with Child Protective Services and the Arizona Supreme Court allowed Merrilee to gain first-hand experience and a working knowledge of family law litigation.  In 1996, she received a Juris Doctorate from Gonzaga University.  Combining her experience with the court system and her law degree, Merrilee started her own family law practice in Coeur d’Alene in 1997.

Her background in counseling and social work has been an asset in supporting her clients during litigation. With a unique understanding of how the system works, Merrilee has been able to guide parents and families through the complicated legal process.


Family Law Representation in Coeur d’Alene

From streamlined child support modifications to contested divorce cases requiring relentless litigation, Merrilee’s unique background and family law expertise means that your contested divorce, property division issue, child custody dispute, or post-degree modification is in good hands.

A skilled negotiator, Merrilee A. Parr works to find the path of least resistance for her family law and business law clients who want to avoid court intervention. An aggressive and energetic advocate for those who cannot represent themselves, Merrilee fights relentlessly to get her clients the best possible outcome for their situation. Working hard to protect her clients’ custodial, parental, and financial rights, Merrilee has the results to prove that the work she does has a profound impact on the lives of her clients and their families.