dissolution documents in Idaho

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Dissolution Documents in Idaho

Closing a business can be difficult, and the process of winding down a business is complex. Even minor mistakes can expose you to liability in the future. Before ending or dissolving your business, it is important to have a well thought out exit strategy. Whether a partnership, corporation, or joint venture, Merrilee A Parr will create a plan that shields you from continued liability, and helps to resolve all ongoing business issues with minimal financial and emotional effects.

Dissolving A Business in Idaho

Officially ending a business registered with the state of Idaho begins with a formal legal process called “dissolution”. It starts with making the decision to end business operation, and depending on the business formation, may require a documented vote. The multi-step process of dissolving a company in Idaho can be stressful, but experienced business law attorney Merrilee A. Par can help. Merrilee will review your operating agreement or partnership agreement and help you follow the procedural requirements to dissolve the company, and help file the necessary paperwork to protect your personal and tax liability.

Dissolution Documents in Idaho

Before you can legally dissolve your business, you must file the necessary paperwork with the state of Idaho and take care of any outstanding obligations. Experienced business law attorney Merrilee A. Parr can make sure this is done correctly, protecting your interests during the dissolution of family-owned businesses, professional practices, partnerships, limited liability corporations, S-corporations, closely-help companies, and other commercial entities in Coeur d’Alene.

Coeur d’Alene Dissolution Attorney

Whether you are dissolving your business voluntarily, or you are being forced into dissolution, business law attorney Merrilee A. Parr can help you. Call her today at (208) 667-1227 to schedule a consultation.